Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you’ll enjoy the first of many random musings from the offices of Spectrum Communications.

If someone had told us two years ago that we’d be sharing stories of our thoughts and experiences online for the world to read, we’d have told them they were crazy.  While we think journalists must be in heaven with the new technology, I believe most marketing professionals would rather go to the grocery store than write a blog about something other than their clients.  We were trained to promote our client and their product, to share their success stories and to invite customers into their world, not ours.  Enter 2012, someone moved the cheese and apparently Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Google+ aren’t enough anymore.  On that note, we’d like to welcome you to our blog – we think that reading it as we stretch the limits of our comfort zone will, at times, be very entertaining.

We hope you’ll check in and that you’ll find some good tips, light stories and of course some gorgeous design eye-candy to go along with it.  If you have ideas or thoughts for pieces, please share.

Today we’re grateful that the office mascot joined us for support as we built the blog.   She spent a good 10 minutes listening before she fell asleep.  Yellow dogs are very smart, you know.  Tonight she reminded us that brevity is always better.

Until next time . . .