It’s been a great one.  For me, it was filled with stories of generous bakeries doing good things for the community, luscious images of these sweet cakes-for-one on social media and lots of happy (and funny) posts about people’s personal connections to these little delicacies.  Yes, all the tempting cupcake talk led me to my favorite bakery this afternoon for a Lemon White Chocolate – it was icing on the cake (pun intended) of a great day and it was worth every calorie.

In PR world, there aren’t many national days of recognition that are so universally accepted. Who doesn’t like cupcakes?  They transcend age, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status and political affiliation.  I even think most nutritionists (and French women) would agree that the portion size makes them a reasonable treat.

So for the die-hard bakers of the world who embraced today as a challenge to create something new and delicious, the parents who picked up cupcakes to share with their kids after school, and those who went to work carrying a dozen cupcakes for co-workers, good for you.  A well-made cupcake makes us smile and brings us closer together.

In this sometimes crazy world, I’m grateful for a simple day of celebration.

Photo by Allie Wiener