Mia, our water dog and office mascot took a dip today.  It occurred to me as I watched her swim circles in the 40 degree water that maybe, just maybe, all the silly stuff she does isn’t so silly after all.  I mean the sun was shining and it was 60 outside.

While I watched her, laughing, it occurred to me that most of what she does offers some pretty good advice for us all, including small business owners, like me:

  • If your gut tells you to do something, dive in.  Even if the water might be cold.
  • Be happy and engaging.  Fun attracts fun.
  • Be persistent.  If one person doesn’t want to play ball right now, find one who does.
  • Greet everyone who comes through your door as though they’re the most important person you will see that day.  They’ll be back. (If you don’t jump on them, Laurie P.)
  • See the opportunity and positive in everything.  If you have to take insulin shots daily, look forward to the American cheese that comes after. (Mia’s diabetic.)
  • A little ADHD may not be a bad thing.  Helps you move on from the small stuff.
  • Make time to rest if you’re tired.  You’ll be ready for round 2.
  • Your customer (owner) is always right.  Remember that and they’ll keep feeding you.
  • Play daily.  It’s good for the soul.
  • If some days you just want to run away,  remember your way home.

Dogs are way smarter than we give them credit for.